The Ghosts In Our Machine

Animal Ambassadors

Melbourne Pig Save


“We were extremely proud to host a presentation by Jo-Anne McArthur when she visited Melbourne in March, 2013. We first became aware of Jo’s work through our connection with Toronto Pig Save, and one of her images adorns our t-shirts, with the caption: ‘I am someone . . . who [...]

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Farm Sanctuary


“THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE takes viewers on a journey of discovery, revealing an often hidden story of animal suffering across the globe and across industries. Through stark and powerful images, capturing real moments in time and a tragic enduring reality, the film brings us into the space of this suffering. [...]

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Animal Equality


“THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE is an eye opening and powerful documentary, which invites viewers to consider animals as individuals. As a society we have shown to be capable of such greatness, but along the way some of us have forgotten the animals which we share this world with. They [...]

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Compassion Over Killing


“THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE is eye-opening and breathtaking at the same time. Combining powerful videography with stunning photography, this documentary shines a bright light on the dark world of animal abusing industries, including factory farming. Viewers are taken on an illuminating journey behind the scenes of our society’s modern [...]

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New England Anti-Vivisection Society


“Some time ago, I was interviewed for a film. I was honored when later told my words would not only be voice over for the section on vivisection, but THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE’s opening remarks as well. Later, I was asked to introduce its premier screening in Toronto. That [...]

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Canadian Federation of Humane Societies

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“The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies shares a simple vision with our member societies – a humane Canada! THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE explores the question at the heart of our vision ‘what is our relationship with the other animals that share our planet and what should it be?’ Through [...]

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Animal Legal Defense Fund

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“THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE brings to light the haunting ways the ‘machine’ of our modern world transforms sentient beings, suffering by the billions in the shadows on factory farms, in laboratories, and in the fur industry and other abusive industries, into mere specters. The film serves as a rallying [...]

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