The Ghosts In Our Machine

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Canadian Federation of Humane Societies

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“The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies shares a simple vision with our member societies – a humane Canada! THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE explores the question at the heart of our vision ‘what is our relationship with the other animals that share our planet and what should it be?’ Through [...]

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Animal Legal Defense Fund

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“THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE brings to light the haunting ways the ‘machine’ of our modern world transforms sentient beings, suffering by the billions in the shadows on factory farms, in laboratories, and in the fur industry and other abusive industries, into mere specters. The film serves as a rallying [...]

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Healthy You Network


“It’s been said that when we know better, we can do better. The time for every human to know better is now. We believe we are on the verge of a major shift in the way humans view other animals. They are not objects or commodities. They are living, breathing, [...]

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Seba Johnson


“The connection the viewer makes to the souls behind the eyes of each animal on the screen provides dialog without spoken words. How can one not be emotionally moved by this film – once you connect to the “cast,” the ones who communicate in a form we as humans cannot [...]

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Kristin Bauer van Straten


“This woman, Jo-Anne McArthur, has combined two things that are Hallmarks of my life: Art and valuing all life. To simply be a witness to beings surviving invisible lives is heroic. I think all of us know what it is like to be minimized, to be ignored, and to suffer [...]

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Victoria Moran

Victoria Moran

“This film surprised me in a series of remarkable ways. I’m familiar with the suffering of animals at the hands of humans and felt that I’d need to ‘psych up’ for an onslaught of upsetting images before watching THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE. Instead, I witnessed an exquisite film that told [...]

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Bob Barker


“My life has provided me with so many wonderful opportunities. From being the host of one of the favorite game shows in history, to my work and role in supporting the efforts of so many good people and organizations whose aim is to help animals, my life has been and [...]

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