The Ghosts In Our Machine


Watch in Five Major Languages


The Ghosts In Our Machine is now widely available in five major languages 03.23.15 – Toronto Ghosts Media is pleased to announce the release of The Ghosts In Our Machine in French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. Since April of 2013, the film has been widely available in English. Thanks to the [...]

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The Look and Feel of Ghosts

En route to fur farm

 The Making of THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE By Liz Marshall Published 01.23.15 Updated 03.23.15 The Ghosts In Our Machine was nominated for a whopping 4 Canadian Screen Awards. This blog focuses on just some of the creative and editorial decisions that went into the film. Of the 60+ screenings I’ve attended [...]

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Canadian Screen Awards 4 Nominations


GHOSTS MEDIA is proud to announce 4 Canadian Screen Awards’ Nominations for The Ghosts In Our Machine (names are in alphabetical order) Donald Brittain Award for Best Social/Political Documentary Nina Beveridge, Liz Marshall Best Direction in a Documentary Program Liz Marshall Best Photography in a Documentary Program Nick de Pencier, [...]

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A Message From Ghosts Media


Hello Friends of the Ghosts, We want to take this moment to remind you, our supporters, of the various ways you can use The Ghosts In Our Machine and the film’s website as part of your ongoing animal advocacy toolkit. We have worked hard since 2011 to fund, manage, and release [...]

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#ForTheGhosts Community Screenings


February – December 2014 92 Events  71 Cities 12 Countries  5 Continents Thank you to the international Hosts and Partners of the #ForTheGhosts Community Screenings Campaign for The Ghosts In Our Machine documentary View Gallery Thanks to the support of The Bertha BRITDOC Connect Fund Partners Animal Equality Animal Legal Defence [...]

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Interview with We Animals


We Animals Photo courtesy of  Karol Orzechowski Lorena Elke, our Research Consultant, conducted the following interview with our Featured Animal Ambassador (AA), Jo-Anne McArthur of We Animals. LE: In The Ghosts In Our Machine, you mention that you suffer from PTSD as a result of the work you do for nonhuman [...]

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Impactful Campaign

Nikki enjoying a snack at Farm Sanctuary USA

Thank you for contributing to our Impact Campaign! From December 10th – 12th, thousands of people around the world participated to help us find out how The Ghosts In Our Machine is changing the world for animals! We made the film available for free, and over 5,000 people completed our short [...]

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Watch The Ghosts In Our Machine For Free


Dear Friends, Our Impact Campaign is now closed! Please read our Campaign Message here. ### Join us December 10th, 11th, and 12th and watch The Ghosts In Our Machine for free around the world, in English, with the option of closed captioning (CC) for the deaf and hard of hearing. Help us find out [...]

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Radiohead “Give Up The Ghost” Film Credits


12.09.14 We are excited to announce that for the next 6-months we have permission, gratis, by Warner/Chappell Music and Radiohead to publicly stream the film credits from The Ghosts In Our Machine documentary. The song “Give Up The Ghost” by Radiohead characterizes the film’s credits – which interlace the names and titles of those who [...]

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Former Ghosts


Between 2011 – 2012, Fanny and Sonny and Maggie and Abbey were rescued from animal industries, and featured in The Ghosts In Our Machine documentary. Since the film’s release in 2013, their stories are touching hearts and educating people around the world about the dairy industry and about the use [...]

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