The Ghosts In Our Machine

Director’s Notes

The Look and Feel of Ghosts

En route to fur farm

 The Making of THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE By Liz Marshall The Ghosts In Our Machine was nominated for a whopping 4 Canadian Screen Awards. This blog focuses on just some of the creative and editorial decisions that went into the film. Of the 60+ screenings I  attended around the world between [...]

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Radiohead “Give Up The Ghost” Film Credits


12.09.14 We are excited to announce that for the next 6-months we have permission, gratis, by Warner/Chappell Music and Radiohead to publicly stream the film credits from The Ghosts In Our Machine documentary. The song “Give Up The Ghost” by Radiohead characterizes the film’s credits – which interlace the names and titles of those who [...]

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Fanny and Sonny’s Story


Sonny and Fanny’s rescue story is featured in The Ghosts In Our Machine. Please visit our online photo gallery to view “Sonny and Fanny’s Story“. Please watch the film to meet Fanny and Sonny. Photos © 2011 – 2012. Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals for The Ghosts In Our Machine. [...]

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NEAVS – A Featured Partner


On May 8th, 2014, NEAVS (New England Anti-Vivisection Society) hosted our long-awaited Boston Premiere for an audience of 200 at the Landmark Cinemas in Cambridge, MA. An excellent event, and a friendship we are proud of. For me, the day began arriving in Boston from Toronto and making my way to [...]

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TEMPLE GRANDIN’S CENTER TRACK RESTRAINER AND CURVED CHUTE SYSTEM AN OPEN LETER  By Liz Marshall  01.25.14 Robert, thanks for presenting your experience and analysis of the Grandin scene in the film. Overall, the film is not prescriptive, telling people what to think or feel. Instead, it is created to inspire self-reflection [...]

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The New Green Has A Face


THE NEW GREEN HAS A FACE: The Greening of The Ghosts In Our Machine (Photo: Sonny at Farm Sanctuary. The Ghosts In Our Machine / We Animals) January 1st, 2014 By Liz Marshall Setting clear intentions and goals at the onset of a project is crucial. Revisiting them frequently is important [...]

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James Cromwell Attends Chicago Premiere


It was a great honour and pleasure to meet Actor and Activist James Cromwell at our Chicago Premiere last weekend: December 7th, 2013 at the historical Music Box Theatre. He introduced THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE  in a passionate, heartfelt way, and then stayed to watch before needing to dash [...]

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LUSH Vancouver Ghost-Free Journey field notes


Photo: from left to right: Tricia Stevens; Liz Marshall; Jennie Ridler Hi everyone! I had the pleasure of being in Vancouver during the LUSH Vancouver Ghost-Free Journey event that took place between Monday May 13th – Friday May 17th. I spent a day in the field with some LUSHies on [...]

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The Eco-System of Documentary filmmaking


From left to right: Iris Ng, Cinematographer; Jason Milligan, Sound Recordist; Lorena Elke, Research Consultant; Liz Marshall, Director + Producer; Daniel Pellerin, Supervising Re-Recording Mixer; Elma Bello, Dialogue Editor; Matt Chan, Re-Recording Mixer; Nina Beveridge, Producer 02.13 DIRECTOR’S NOTES This month marks the end of a giant marathon. 2.5yrs to [...]

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November Director’s Blog


A fox confined to a small wire mesh cage in a crowded fur farm. Large litters of babies are born each spring and then slaughtered in November to December for luxury fur commodities: trims, hats, coats …   Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur for The Ghosts In Our Machine. DIRECTOR’S BLOG – [...]

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