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2013 Year in Review – Looking Ahead

Lynne Fernie, head of Canadian Programming for the Hot Docs Film Festival with Nina Beveridge and Liz Marshall, introducing The Ghosts In Our Machine.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS 2013 has been a nonstop busy year for us. For those new to our project (and there are many of you), and for those who are long-term supporters, this blog recaps some exciting highlights from 2013. Since our World Premiere earlier this year, THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE [...]

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Ghosts US Release


Hello! We are prepping for an exciting (and very busy) fall season and will announce our U.S. premiere dates on Monday September 23rd, and our European launch date on October 15th. There will be other important news for you this fall as well, so stay tuned. In fact, keep reading this [...]

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Producer’s Blog


As the holiday season approaches and as we enter the home stretch to complete the film, we want to thank the supporters, fans and champions of our project. Without you we would not be where we are at today. THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE has had a profound impact on both [...]

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November Social Media Highlights


Thanksgiving Feast for the Turkeys, Farm Sanctuary, New York. Photo courtesy Jo-Anne McArthur. In November we’ve seen a jump in followers on both our Facebook and Twitter, and I think I can tell you why! TWITTER HIGHLIGHT The most re-tweeted tweet this month was the promotional trailer for The Ghosts [...]

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October Social Media Highlights


Abbey is found. Photo courtesy of Tracey Shepherd Davis The Ghosts In Our Machine project continues to grow, to raise awareness and to show people the faces of the ghosts too often forgotten. Facebook and twitter continue to be great hubs for the project to thrive and reach people around [...]

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A visit to Cow Jones Industrials Vegan Boutique


Producer Nina Beveridge showing off her Lagusta’s Luscious Chocolates and TGIOM Ghost-Free Journey Coach Donna Oakes posing in her new “For The Ghosts” t-shirt. In August my daughter and I went on our annual road trip from Toronto to Westport, CT to visit my lifelong friend Jackie Hauge. On the [...]

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Where Did You Come From?

Donna Oakes

Around 3 years ago, on what would be my father’s last visit to our house, he was sitting in the living room, petting our dog Betty and looking deeply into her eyes. I heard him ask in a very soft voice, “Where did you come from?” He had Alzheimer’s disease [...]

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Why I Became Vegan


There are many reasons to become vegan:  it is good for your health, great for the environment, and better for animals.  My decision was based on the latter, but what propelled me to go on this journey was a four-legged dog named Madison. As I write this, I am sitting [...]

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I would rather try to walk that walk

Bob Wiseman

I feel like we live in Roman times and those of us who do not want to participate in consuming animals and/ or animal products are not unlike a few Romans who found slavery senseless. Certain opinions at certain times and places are radical and those who might advocate these [...]

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