The Ghosts In Our Machine

Vote: Top Transformational Films of 2013

We are really excited that THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE is on this impressive list of international social-issue films!

VOTE  now for the film that is changing the world for animals!

The voting is now open for the Top Transformational Films of 2013 Viewer’s Choice Awards.
VOTE by clicking on the blue button, it will take you to the list of films:

Voting ends on Monday February 3rd at midnight.

The top films and the Editor’s Choice Awards will be announced on Tuesday February 4th.


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3 responses to “Vote: Top Transformational Films of 2013”

  1. Louie b.Free says:

    PROUDLY, just voted for The Ghosts in OUR Machine !

  2. Isabella La Rocca says:

    another vote for The Ghosts in Our Machine!

  3. Cathy Matthews says:

    The Ghosts in our machine!!