The Ghosts In Our Machine

Mechanization Takes Command

Oxford Press. 1948

Sigfried Giedion’s extraordinary, encyclopedic book traces the various ways in which, for better and for worse, mechanization has assumed control of our lives, from modern systems of hygiene and waste management, to agricultural production, fashion, and beyond..

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  1. Nastya March 23, 2012 at 7:39 pm

    Thank you for your activism and paosisn and drive and for making a difference. It hurts me to my soul to see what We as Human (not often Human[e] Beings) do to our fellow earthlings. Ive been lucky to be vegetarian since i was 6, and 4 days ago after watching Earthlings (so difficult to watch I had to do it over 2 days) I adopted a vegan diet. What Ive noticed is that most everywhere (well definately in here South Africa), people don’t want to know the reality, the brutality and cruelty. They mentally switch off and push the knowledge to the back of their minds. I can’t change them, but I have changed my life. Thanks again for getting the word out, for being brave amidst the anguish and for connecting with the weakest and most vulnerable that are Ghosts in Our Machine.