The Ghosts In Our Machine

Alberta Watson

“Animals have been a part of my life for many years and I’m always in awe of what they offer to the human spirit. To my spirit. We have them in our homes, on our plates, our backs, and the use of their bodies for the medical and beauty industries. If you can apply any of the above to your list then perhaps by learning the methods of how all these pleasures and needs come to be we may just want to voice our concerns for the humane treatment of animals whose lives have been used and taken for our benefit. I buy skin and makeup products that I know are to be vegan based. I won’t purchase or wear fur. I  totally support and applaud the making of THE GHOST IN OUR MACHINE. It takes courage to witness the abuses and compassion for the need to reach others.”
Best Wishes,
Alberta Watson

Well known to television audiences as Madeline on the cable hit LA FEMME NIKITA, Toronto native Alberta Watson received a Best Supporting Actress Genie nomination for one of her first movie roles, IN PRAISE OF OLDER WOMEN. One year later, she took home the Best Actress award at the Yorkton Film Festival for EXPOSURE. Watson then headed to the United States, where she studied with Gene Lasko, made several films (including Michael Mann’s stylish horror classic THE KEEP with Sir Ian McKellan) and the TV movie WOMEN OF VALOR with Susan Sarandon.  Over the years Watson has garnered multiple Genie Nominations for such films as SHOEMAKER, and THE SWEET HEREAFTER.  She has also been honored with several Gemini nominations for amazing performances in LA FEMME NIKITA, AFTER THE HARVEST, CHASING CAIN and CHOICE. Alberta can also be seen in such films as: the rock musical HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH, SPANKING THE MONKEY, DESIRE, DEEPLY, TART, WILD DOGS, AWAY FROM HER and A LOBSTER TALE.  Alberta’s other Television successes include the fourth season of the hit series 24, GUILT BY ASSOCIATION,  THE RISEN, ANGELA’S EYES, and the CBC’s popular series THE BORDER.

Tragically, Ms. Watson died on March 21, 2015 in Toronto at the age of 60, after a lengthy battle with cancer. Article link here:


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