The Ghosts In Our Machine


The Ghosts In Our Machine documentary includes more than 130 of Jo-Anne McArthur’s powerful photographs. Many were taken during production of the film, and others I handpicked from Jo’s extensive We Animals archive. This “Iconic Photos” album is a selection of images which appear in the film (with the exception of the last image below, which is a photo of Jo taken very early in the morning, after the undercover fur investigation featured in the film). – Liz Marshall, Director

I took a lot of photos during the filming of The Ghosts in Our Machine. I edited as we went, created “best of” folders of photos for the different stories we covered. These were images that conveyed a moment, a feeling, a relationship or a telling and beautiful story. It was from these folders that the Ghosts editing team weaved photos into the film’s storytelling, and through that process, the most compelling images made themselves apparent. This gallery contains a selection of those images, which capture some of the most poignant moments and moving emotions experienced in The Ghosts In Our Machine. – Jo-Anne McArthur, We Animals