The Ghosts In Our Machine

In Nathan Runkle’s Words

Our Featured Animal Ambassador for the month of August is Nathan Runkle, Founder and Executive Director of Mercy For Animals. We thought we’d share some articles written by Nathan to highlight the work of MFA’s investigations and commitment to bettering the lives of non-human animals.

Why is Amazon Ducking Animal Cruelty Controversy?
Huffington Post – 06/18/2013

Video footage secretly recorded by a Mercy For Animals undercover investigator at Hudson Valley Foie Gras — the country’s largest foie gras producer — has uncovered the systematic torture of animals. Workers were caught on hidden camera violently grabbing ducks by their wings and necks and shoving metal pipes down their throats in order to force-feed them. This painful force-feeding makes the birds’ livers swell up to ten times the normal size and the diseased, fatty livers are then sold as “foie gras” on

Forcing metal pipes down ducks’ throats and cramming grossly excessive amounts of food into their stomachs in order to produce diseased, fatty livers is so patently cruel the practice has been banned in California and more than a dozen countries. Recognizing its inherent cruelty, major restaurants and grocers refuse to sell foie gras, including Costco, Safeway, Target, Giant Eagle, Whole Foods Market and Wolfgang Puck.

But at Amazon, unconscionably cruel foie gras is still just a click away.

Why is Amazon ducking this important animal welfare issue?

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The High Cost of Walmart’s Cheap Pork
Huffington Post – 02/08/2013

Do you think it’s acceptable to cram an animal into a crate so small she can’t even turn around, lie down comfortably, walk, run, play, or engage in other basic behaviors? Walmart does.

A Mercy For Animals undercover investigation released last spring provides a shocking look into blatant animal abuse at a Walmart pork supplier — Christensen Farms — where pregnant pigs and their piglets are forced to suffer lives of extreme confinement and misery.

Like other investigative footage taken at pork factory farms, including footage shot by The Humane Society of the United States at Seaboard Foods, another supplier to Walmart, this shocking hidden-camera video documents thousands of mother pigs forced to live inside narrow metal gestation crates barely larger than their own bodies, piglets slammed headfirst into the ground, workers cutting off piglets’ tails and testicles without painkillers, and animals suffering from bloody open wounds.

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