The Ghosts In Our Machine

Barbara Gowdy

“The harder we look at animals, the smarter they get. I have never heard of a scientific animal study where the researchers concluded that their subject was simple and stupid.  On the contrary, they always, always, discover remarkable behavioral and emotional complexity.  And yet most of us continue, through our indifference or willful ignorance, to be co-conspirators in animal torture. I believe that our descendents will be appalled by our behavior. They will wonder why we didn’t heed the call to compassion that documentaries such as THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE so powerfully and so movingly send out.”
Barbara Gowdy

Barbara Gowdy is the author of four novels and a short story collection which have been published in over twenty countries around the world. A two-time nominee for The Giller Prize, The Governor General’s Award and the Trillium Prize, Gowdy received The Marian Engel Award in 1996. Her short fiction has been published internationally in numerous magazines and quarterlies, including The North American Review, Best American Short Stories and the New Oxford Book of Canadian Short Stories. Barbara Gowdy lives in Toronto..

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