The Ghosts In Our Machine

Camilla Scott

“Brava to Liz Marshall and her heroic mission to shine a sobering light on the unspeakable treatment of animals. This documentary should and must be considered essential viewing.. We can no longer turn a blind eye to the decades of mistreatment of precious creatures and shame on all who are complicit by doing so. It is our responsibility to educate ourselves on ingredients in products we use on a daily basis, so that we can speak to this cause with our dollars by choosing vegan, cruelty free personal care and household products. Let us all pledge to live our lives deserving of the title, Animal Ambassador.”
Camilla Scott

Actor Camilla Scott‘s selected theatre credits include starring roles in Mamma Mia! (Royal Alexandra Theatre), High Society (Shaw Festival), Orson’s Shadow (Theatre Passe Muraille), Much Ado About Nothing (Resurgence Theatre), Three Days Of Rain (Berkeley Street Theatre), Crazy For You (Royal Alexandra Theatre), Pajama Game (Princess of Wales Theatre) and Shenandoah (Broadway). Film and television includes Meg Thatcher in Due South (CBS), Melissa Anderson on Days Of Our Lives (NBC) and Natalie Porter on The Guiding Light (CBS). Guest-starring roles on Law And Order: Criminal Intent, Law And Order: SVU, This Is Wonderland, Eleventh Hour, At The Hotel and Degrassi, The Next Generation. Also: 3 Mothers, a film directed by Rafal Sokolowski..

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