The Ghosts In Our Machine

Canadian Federation of Humane Societies

“The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies shares a simple vision with our member societies – a humane Canada! THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE explores the question at the heart of our vision ‘what is our relationship with the other animals that share our planet and what should it be?’ Through their artistry, Liz Marshall and Jo-Anne McArthur compassionately invite the viewer into a study of this complex and often disturbing question – one that people do their best to avoid but can trust this film to help them contextualize it. THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE creates the breathing space necessary to consider our personal relationship to animals as well our obligation to the often unseen animals caught in the large scale industrialization of society. The answers come from within but also in the moments after the film as people share their experiences, ideas and commitments. We need more of the forums that Ghosts creates in order to move forward and make change for the animals that we live with, work with, appreciate and depend upon – to create a humane Canada!”

Canadian Federation of Humane Societies
Photo courtesy of CFHS

Founded in 1957, the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS) drives positive, progressive change to end animal cruelty, improve animal protection and promote the humane treatment of all animals. As the convener and representative of the largest animal welfare community in Canada, we advance the welfare of animals, with a strong national voice promoting the interests and concerns of animal welfare to government, policy makers, industry and the public. Our members represent the leaders in the field of animal welfare across Canada. Whether they are provincial SPCAs or local rescues, our members are defining the future of animal welfare in Canada. CFHS was founded on improving animal protection through legislation including bringing in the first humane slaughter act, initiating Canada’s Codes of Practice for on farm animal welfare and leading the efforts to update the Criminal Code with regards to animal cruelty while providing resources to help investigators and prosecutors vigorously apply animal protection laws leading to more convictions and proportional sentences for animal abusers. Currently, through the support of our foundation, corporate and individual donors, the CFHS is working to end the homeless cat crisis in Canada; end the suffering of dogs in puppy mills, end painful practices and intensive confinement for more than 600 million farm animals; and provide stronger legal protection for all animals.


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