The Ghosts In Our Machine

Catharine Grant

“Throughout our history as a species, we have exploited non-human animals and indeed all of nature, for our benefit. However, industrialization and globalization in the last century have dramatically intensified the level of suffering we impose on the natural world: we are responsible for the death and suffering of tens of billions of animals every year. These animals quite literally are “ghosts in the machine” of human “progress”. What’s more is the domesticated animals used for food and clothing production, in research, and for human entertainment, as well as the wild animals lost due to resource development and pollution, are largely hidden from our view. We are permitted to live our day to day lives without being confronted with the mass suffering we impose on them. THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE seeks to expose this suffering and help us comes to terms with the hidden costs of the economic system we have created. It tells a story that must be told if we are ever to achieve justice in human society.”
Catharine Grant
Writer, Historian, Activist

Catharine Grant is a writer, historian and activist based in Toronto, Canada. Catharine initially became interested in issues of social, environmental and animal justice while pursuing graduate studies in history at York University, and soon after wrote “The No-Nonsense Guide to Animal Rights” for the UK publisher New Internationalist. Catharine currently works as a forest campaigner for Greenpeace Canada where she focuses on protecting biodiversity from industrial exploitation in Canada’s Boreal Forest..

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