The Ghosts In Our Machine


Danielle grew up on a farm in Ontario, NY. Her first best friends being pigs, goats, cows, and sheep. At an early age she began to distinguish some animals as friends, while others were food. It was just “The way things are.” After watching a short Mercy for Animals expose on factory farmed chickens in 2009, and that visit to Farm Sanctuary a year later, Danielle leapt into activism ready for a fight. She started screening films that promoted a vegan diet and compassionate choices followed by discussion forums after each film. She participated in many vigils with Toronto Pig Save, and tabling with The Ghosts in Our Machine and We Animals during the summer of 2011. Every opportunity she has, Danielle is promoting veganism through the stories of her farm friends, or one of the many benefits of a vegan diet. Danielle is currently the coordinator at Our Hen House, on online advocacy blog created to help change the world for animals. Danielle also volunteers as often as possible at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary in Willow, NY, and Snooter’s in Zephyr Ontario. Her dog Arcot is her constant companion, her cat Pekoe is her little lioness, trapped in a fluffy grey body, the only remnants of lion hood, her polydactyl paws..

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