The Ghosts In Our Machine

Emilie Mover

“As human beings, we are inadvertently granted the good fortune of never being hunted by other species. By nature, we have also been granted the ability to reason and analyze situations with empathetic concern and understanding. Though this concept is commonplace to us and vastly taken for granted, it is projects like THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE that gently and ever so importantly remind us that with great fortune comes great responsibility. As a pet owner, animal lover and longtime vegetarian I consistently do my best to respect the needs of animals. As such, and for the reasons stated above, I would like to add my enthusiastic support for this timely and necessary endeavour.”
Emilie Mover
Singer, Songwriter

“Music was just there all of the time,” shares Emilie Mover about her upbringing – nurtured and nourished with melody since before she can remember. Born in Montreal and immediately engulfed in music, it’s simply always been a part of Mover’s life. With the serene “Seems So Long”, though, the 26 year old singer/songwriter has reached a new plateau with her craft – one that completely belies her young age. Her father a renowned saxophone player familiar to jazz clubs on either side of the 49th parallel and overseas, Mover has been singing in that scene professionally for half of her life. “I started accompanying myself on the guitar at about 16,” she recalls, “just because I needed something to sing to. I would play really dumbed-down versions of jazz chords to get by.” With the songs that comprise Seems So Long, however, that inherently simplistic approach to playing benefits her writing in a way that’s much more delicate and endearing than “dumbed-down.” The velvety-voiced Mover has already had songs synced by giants like Telus and BlackBerry and used in trend-making television shows like Grey’s Anatomy, though she’s likely to surpass those successes with Seems So Long – something more lucid, more mature, more real. “I think we live in a day and age of gluttony and over-stimulation, so it’s nice to have something simple like this,” she shares. “And I think something that simple can still grab someone’s attention if it’s done properly.” This is..

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