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James Cromwell Actor, Activist

Our Featured Animal Ambassador for the month of July is actor, humanitarian and animal rights activist Mr. James Cromwell. We thought we’d share some examples of Mr. Cromwell’s activism that spans several decades.

Until men learn to celebrate and operate on the feminine aspect of themselves and stop the oppression of women, children, the environment, other species, we don’t have a world to live in. It’s not a world that anyone chooses to live in.  – James Cromwell

By his own admission, James Cromwell has always “resisted authority”. As a young stage actor during the civil rights movement in the US, Cromwell toured burned out churches in the south with theatre companies. In addition, he worked with the Black Panthers to help free the group’s leadership, including Bobby Seale, from jail.
James Cromwell is Still Shaking His Fists. LA Times, July 8, 2013.

In 1974, after riding through the stockyards of Texas and experiencing what he calls “the smell, terror and anxiety”, Cromwell became vegetarian. Twenty years later during the making of the film “Babe”, he became vegan. Since then, he has been a vocal animal advocate for nonhuman animals used in industry, including biomedical research and the food industry.

“I have used my veganism as a way of trying to raise the level of conscious awareness about the system in place that is so inimitable to our survival and the survival of this planet…”
James Cromwell: You Don’t Own Another Creature. Take Part. December 26, 2011. 

Mr. Cromwell was the narrator for the Mercy for Animals video Farm to Fridge- The Truth Behind Meat Production.

In February 2013, James teamed up with PETA to expose the use of cats in biomedical experiments at the University of Wisconsin. He was arrested for this action. Read more here and here.

In April 2013, James spoke out In Defense of Animals (IDA):

“While precious dollars are being cut from every area of government, the wasteful funding of animal experiments that IDA has identified is infuriating. It is time to re-direct taxpayer health funding to actually helping people get well, rather than making animals suffer and die.”

Thank you James for using your strong voice for change!


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