The Ghosts In Our Machine

Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart

I am so excited about the Ghosts in Our Machine! When I was a kid, I knew that we were doing things to animals that no one was talking about. On a basic level, regardless of how they are treated, animals are just not ours; their lives are worth more than the purpose of becoming food and clothing. But on top of this- the world needs to know what really goes on within animal industries. The cruelty that results in viewing sentient beings as cogs in a machine is absurdly disgusting. With Liz Marshall’s film, more people will become aware of what’s really going on, and be able to make the choice to live congruently with their own ethical code instead of tradition.
Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart
photo courtesy of Dominic Neitz 

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Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, founder of Vaute Couture (www.vautecouture.comstarted her first company in order to focus on developing clothing and fabrics that aim to make wearing animals obsolete through offering superior alternatives in function and design. After realizing that many who love animals still consider wearing animals a requirement to stay warm or look nice, she spent her life savings and a year of working 80 hours per week to develop the first winter dress coat that was both vegan and warm enough for below freezing weather. Leanne has been starting groups for animals since she was 8 years old. Although she has no formal training in apparel design, she created her first nationally sold AR slogan tee at age 12. Later, Leanne realized that business was a great vehicle for creating change in an industry that could push forward alternatives for animal-free living, at the same time as giving a new face to farm animals and their connections with people. said, “VauteCouture proves that compassionate animal-friendly fashion can be cute, chic, & sexy.” Leanne is Alicia Silverstone’s fashion expert for and has been named one of 40 people Redefining Green by Grist.orgBust Magazine said she’s a “Badass business woman, informative and inspiring.”

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