The Ghosts In Our Machine


Animal Rights Activist, Writer, Researcher, Educator, Teacher.

Lorena studied film, women and gender studies, and history at Mount Saint Vincent University in Halifax and University of Toronto. She is passionate about documentary film and social justice issues, and was a researcher on the award-winning documentary by Liz Marshall, Water on the Table. She is the author of If Cats Could Talk, A Holistic Approach to our Feline Companions. Lorena has worked at the University of Toronto as a Medical Educator for the Standardized Patient Program since 2005. She teaches patient-centered communication skills to healthcare professionals and students and is part of an award-winning team who has presented work both nationally and internationally.

Having been raised in a hunting and trapping environment, I learned as a little girl the horror of animal slaughter. It has made me who I am today; animal rights activist and animal rescuer. This journey is at times difficult. To find a community of practice, a community of like-minded, committed people who share in the understanding that we are all interconnected and that non-human animals are equally a part of that circle, has been a life-line for me. It is an honor to be involved in expanding this great circle of hope in asking people to step out of their comfort zones and imagine..

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