The Ghosts In Our Machine

Melbourne Pig Save

“We were extremely proud to host a presentation by Jo-Anne McArthur when she visited Melbourne in March, 2013. We first became aware of Jo’s work through our connection with Toronto Pig Save, and one of her images adorns our t-shirts, with the caption: ‘I am someone . . . who wants to live’.

We were very excited to see the long-awaited THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE, and believe that Liz Marshall’s film has superbly captured the essence of Jo’s work.

In our view, Ghosts subtly yet firmly connects the viewer and the animals, with a very profound message. We feel viewers would find themselves questioning their existing approach to non-human animals if they are yet to have a light-bulb moment. For anyone in such a position, this film is very likely to provide that moment.

Food industry footage used by Ghosts, which the industry might hope would be perceived as showing reasonable treatment of animals, seems to serve the film’s purpose of showing us just how cold and mechanised the process is.

Congratulations Liz and Jo on a magnificent team effort!”

Melbourne Pig Save
Photo courtesy of Karina Leung, Co-Founder of Melbourne Pig Save. Taken at Melbourne Pig Save Rally June 2014

The aim of Melbourne Pig Save is to inform the community of the plight of pigs in our food production system, including routine and legal confinement and mutilation. By doing so, we hope to open people’s eyes to the horrors involved, thereby enabling them to make informed purchasing decisions. We feel that we are making an impact, with support from our local followers and our fellow “save” groups in Australia and overseas.

Melbourne Pig Save holds regular rallies in Melbourne’s Bourke St Mall, which is at the heart of the city’s busy shopping precinct. A key drawcard is the replica sow, Lucy, and her stall. Activities at rallies include handing out flyers; obtaining signatures for petitions; displaying posters; speeches and short bursts of information. This interview gives a good idea of the impact the rallies can have on individual passers-by.

We are also active with our Facebook page, website, and Twitter (#melbpigsave). The website contains detailed information on the industry and undercover investigations, along with event information and a blog.

Melbourne Pig Save views any use of animals for human benefit as exploitation, and therefore unethical.

Read our Interview with Melbourne Pig Save.


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