The Ghosts In Our Machine

Reflections on Samantha and Chris’ GFJ

The latest 5-Day Ghost Free Journey took place January 7-11th with Samantha and Chris Beeney from Rochester, New York.This was a special journey as it was the first time that a couple has taken it together. Although both Samantha and Chris had already made the transition to veganism, like many who are new to this way of living, they had numerous questions and issues to discuss and clarify. During their 5 day journey, they initiated questions and discussion ranging from finding vegan baked goods to vegan/animal-tested medicine.

In many areas, Samantha and Chris already had a grasp of vegan issues and wanted some fine-tuning and clarity, as well as open discussion and support with the community. The fact that they are a couple that live the same lifestyle gives them a level of mutual support that is not the case for many. Additionally, Samantha’s Mom has been motivated by her daughter to try a vegan diet and Samantha has co-workers that support and respect her way of life. It is different for Chris and we discussed how difficult it is to be the only vegan in a work place where not only is there no attempt made to accommodate him – but also no interest on the part of his co-workers in learning about his lifestyle.

One of the main themes throughout this GFJ was…when do we make compromises, and what is the process we employ to reach answers when answers are not so definitive?  Samantha stated, “I believe that every dollar that you spend is a vote. It says what you support and where you stand. If I cannot find a ghost-free version of what I am looking for, I will go without before spending a dime on something I don’t support. For me, the line to this is when no alternatives exist and health or safety is at risk.”

Now that the Beeney’s have explored another level of veganism, they are interested in finding new ways to advocate for animals.  Both Chris and Samantha already weave advocacy in their daily lives, whether it’s talking about animal testing at her work (LUSH), or Chris sharing a vegan dish at his work events.  They are interested in utilizing their knowledge  and tying new ways to advocate, such as outreach, working with a Wildlife Rehab, or Farm Sanctuary.

There were so many wonderful comments and suggestions during each of the 5 days. We hope that you will take the time to read the full posts of the 5-Day Ghost Free Journey.

For The Ghosts,

Coaches Donna and Rosemary


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