The Ghosts In Our Machine


2007 marked the beginning of my vegetarian journey, and later in 2010, my vegan journey. What followed was a radical shift in my consciousness and realization that I am empowered with the gift of choice that aligns with wanting to contribute to respect and have reverence for health, the environment and all sentient beings. As I watched the first Ghosts In Our Machine trailer, my excitement and curiosity was ignited, and I wanted to learn more about this project and the Ghosts. I am so inspired by this project, and it fuels my passion to learn more, and contribute to promoting awareness about the ghosts all around us. I spend much of my free time learning more about vegan nutrition/ health, spiritual/ ethical aspects of being vegan, and I’m excited to continue the process while assisting others in their Ghost Free Journey. I hope to bring some of my skills as a professional counselor/psychotherapist to my role as coach for the GFJ, by listening carefully, and helping others find their own wisdom and power to reach their goals with awareness and compassion. I am honored to be part of TGIOM Team, and to help others interested in exploring a Ghost Free lifestyle..

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