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Jan.7th, Samantha and Chris take the next GFJ – together!

We are excited to announce Samantha and Chris Beeney’s 5-Day Ghost-Free Journey commences on Monday Jan. 7th and runs until Friday Jan. 11th!  Join in along with Coach Donna and Coach Rosemary to help our first married couple take their GFJ together to adopt a Ghost-Free lifestyle.  . [...]

January 3, 2013 TGIOM GFJ Blog, THE BEENEY'S JOURNEY 2

Ghost-Free Journey 2012 Reunion

On December 11th 2012 former participants of the Ghost-Free Journey reunited on Facebook with our Ghost-Free Co-Coaches Donna Oakes and Rosemary Tarentino Foos and fellow Facebook users to discuss their experiences and where they find themselves today. Shared below is their conversation and remember to check out our Facebook page [...]

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Reflections on Simonee’s Journey

Simonee Chichester

Simonee and Bean Our latest 5-Day Ghost Free Journey  took place from November 12 – 16 with Simonee Chichester  from Toronto.  In was an amazing 5 days with lively discussion around several issues,  ranging from dairy/egg alternatives to life-changing relationships with companion animals. Early on in her journey,  while searching for [...]

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Simonee’s Ghost-Free Journey: Day 5

“Maggie”. Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur for The Ghosts In Our Machine. 2011. Good Morning, Simonee!! This past week has really flown by – we have covered so many topics ranging from dairy/egg alternatives, cruelty-free personal care products, attitudes of awareness and mindfulness to the social implications of living a Ghost-Free [...]

November 16, 2012 TGIOM GFJ Blog, SIMONEE'S JOURNEY 36

Simonee’s Ghost-Free Journey: Day 4

“A Deer In The City” Photo by Jo-Anne McArthur Yesterday, we began a discussion about awareness and mindfulness when making changes and choices.   Today, we can add to that discussion, and also talk about how to extend your choices into the public sphere, or  into social events or gatherings. [...]

November 15, 2012 TGIOM GFJ Blog, SIMONEE'S JOURNEY 39

Simonee’s Ghost-Free Journey: Day 3

 Photo of Sonny on his rescue day by Jo-Anne McArthur for  The Ghosts In Our Machine Simonee has been focusing on the transition to  a vegan diet and use of Ghost-Free products in the past few days of her GFJ.  While the choices she encounters with food and other products [...]

November 14, 2012 TGIOM GFJ Blog, SIMONEE'S JOURNEY 12

Simonee’s Ghost-Free Journey: Day 2

Good morning, Simonee. Today is Day 2 of your journey. Yesterday we had some great discussions about dairy/egg alternatives and we also started to talk about Ghost-Free personal care products. We’re going to continue delving into these issues today. Coach Rosemary and Coach Donna The opinions we express as GFJ [...]

November 13, 2012 TGIOM GFJ Blog, SIMONEE'S JOURNEY 35

Simonee’s Ghost-Free Journey: Day 1

We welcome Simonee from Toronto, Canada as our next participant in the Ghost-Free Journey.  Simonee describes herself as being a vegetarian/pescatarian for a long time, and wishes to embark on a vegan lifestyle change.  In the past, Simonee has tried a vegan lifestyle, but was unable to sustain the transition [...]

November 12, 2012 TGIOM GFJ Blog, SIMONEE'S JOURNEY 32

Simonee’s Journey begins Nov.12th

Simonee Chichester

We are excited to announce Simonee’s 5-Day Ghost-Free Journey begins on Monday Nov. 12th and runs until Friday Nov. 16th!  Join in along with Coach Donna and Coach Rosemary to help Simonee adopt a Ghost-Free lifestyle.  . [...]

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Thoughts on Davis’s Journey

The most recent 5-Day Ghost Free Journey took place from September 10 through 14th  with Davis Dunavin, from Connecticut, US.  These 5 days were filled with in-depth discussions that covered many aspects of Davis’ transition from long time vegetarian to vegan. Davis started his Journey with a discussion about “getting [...]

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