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Kelly’s Ghost-Free Journey Day 1

The faces representing the four main animal industries: Entertainment; Fashion; Food: Biomedical Research: Photos by Jo-Anne McArthur Good Morning Kelly!! We are so thrilled to take this journey with you. For others who are joining us (and we hope that there are many!), Kelly is from Vancouver and works for [...]

July 16, 2012 TGIOM GFJ Blog, KELLY'S JOURNEY 37

July 16th – 20th is our next Ghost Free Journey!

Our next Ghost Free Journey will take place here on the Ghosts’ new magazine-themed website from July 16th-20th. We are so excited to launch the Journey in this format, as we’ll be able to reach more people and have many creative options. Check out the GFJ page to learn about what [...]

June 3, 2012 TGIOM GFJ Blog, KELLY'S JOURNEY 1

Reflections from previous Ghost-Free Journeys

The GHOST-FREE JOURNEY has been evolving since the summer of 2011. Following are reflections from some of our earliest participants. I was worried about protein intake because in bodybuilding and fitness it is an essential part of the diet to build muscle, but I realize you can get the needed [...]

May 24, 2012 TGIOM EARLY JOURNEYS, GFJ Blog Comments Off on Reflections from previous Ghost-Free Journeys