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The moral conversation of the 21st century?

The Ghosts in Our Machine poses the moral question: Are animals property to be owned and used, or are they sentient beings deserving of rights? Dolphins deserve rights . Kathryn Blaze Carlson  Feb 21, 2012 – 11:01 PM ET | The National Post Dolphins and whales should be considered non-human “persons” with basic [...]

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Mechanization Takes Command

Oxford Press. 1948 Sigfried Giedion’s extraordinary, encyclopedic book traces the various ways in which, for better and for worse, mechanization has assumed control of our lives, from modern systems of hygiene and waste management, to agricultural production, fashion, and beyond.. [...]

February 16, 2012 TGIOM Blog, Director's Notes 1

Maggie’s Story continues

We are prepping to film again with Maggie, an adorable adopted (rescued) beagle who was bred in the U.S.A. and used for research in Canada. This generic looking receipt is the last symbol of Maggie’s former life. She now lives with a loving family and will soon have an adopted [...]

February 4, 2012 TGIOM Director's Notes 1

Moral Dilemna?

The social issue informing THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE is that as urban dwellers and consumers we are just so out of touch with where products come from, and what the ingredients are. Why do the vast majority of people love their pets and value wildlife but have little knowledge [...]

January 24, 2012 TGIOM Director's Notes 5


To all of our new and old friends! 2011 sped by as we developed THE GHOSTS IN OUR MACHINE. And, now, we have officially started production. It will be a very busy year traveling and filming and editing a feature length documentary that explores our complex relationship to animals within [...]

January 1, 2012 TGIOM Director's Notes 12

We have made some changes

Hello, look around, we have made some changes that allow for greater interactivity: contribute to our blog; share content; visit our original flash DEMO WEBSITE to experience more about our project and meet our growing family of Animal Ambassadors; join our facebook group and twitter feed. Pose questions, and interact with [...]

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